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Superficial & Invasive Fungal Infections: Today & Tomorrow

The 14th NSMM meeting will be held August 24th-25th, 2017

Maersk Tower, Copenhagen, Denmark

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For all physicians < 40 years. Submit research abstract on medical mycology to apply for a €500 travel grant

Please send the abstract (template) to NSMMcph2017@gmail before July 24th .

Abstracts may be selected for a short presentation at the Copenhagen NSMM meeting and you must be a member of the NSMM in order to apply.

Click below for printout of the tentative programme

2017 NSMM tentative programme

2017 Sponsors to be announced

14th NSMM meeting: "Superficial & Invasive Fungal Infections: Today & Tomorrow"

Gilead Unimedic Pharma
Biotech-IgG SSI Diagnostica Merck,
          Sharpe & Dome (MSD) Chromagar

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